The mission of community and pursuit of improving people’s lives is in the heart of everything we do. We are inspired by our core value and we relentlessly pursue it every day. “Our History and Ethos are clear. We have no desire to be the most of anything. We are dedicated to Excellence, and that takes a direct vertical leadership approach through a continuity of our owners to corporate leadership for true success.”

Meet The Team


Billy Gavigan

President:  Mr. Gavigan’s started his career in the USMC. After leaving the Marines, he pursued real estate and urban redevelopment in South Carolina. Mr. Gavigan enjoys establishing contacts within the industry, promoting veterans’ right and supporting worthwhile causes.  


Sarah Urena

Members Services Coordinator: Sarah Urena was born and raised in Southern California, and moved to the Lowcountry in 2015 with her husband, Franklin, and two their two children , Alexa and Zackary.  Mrs Urena began her career at the Gavigan Group working with the corporate team and focusing on compliance. Over the last year, she has been focused on the community side of Bull Point.  The member services coordinator is here to ensure every that every member matters and each have a personal conduit to the POA Staff and local area.  She is focus on bringing the development of Bull Point together and ensuring the members come first.  

Chris Whitney

Director of operations: Jeremy Mason, land acquisitions and off market real estate transactions in property preservation. He values his ability to build relationships through networking, B2B and community outreach. Chris shares his knowledge with his clients and associates. .